Microsoft Retail Insights: What’s next in supply chain?

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Microsoft Retail Insights: What’s next in supply chain?

What’s next in supply chain? 
How can retailers achieve an intelligent digital view of the entire value chain? 

Right product. Right place. Right time. Doing the basics better to ride out disruptions and seize opportunities. 

After a few years of global change, it’s clear that the supply chains of the past can no longer serve the needs of a volatile future. For retail players to succeed, they will need the visibility, agility and inventory intelligence to manage disruption and keep up with changing customer behaviours. 

During recent discussions with industry leaders, led by Peter Liddell, Partner in Charge, Global Operations Centre of Excellence at KPMG, three main challenges were identified and discussed: 

  • How to roll with disruptions: using technology to build agility, supply chain resilience and supplier capability 
  • How to accelerate the list mile: Tap into instant delivery culture with the ability to serve your customers in minutes 
  • Putting intelligence in your inventory: how smarter inventory management can dramatically improve fulfilment and sustainability, while helping to avoid customer loss and reputational damage 

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