Microsoft Retail Insights: Levelling up customer experience

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Microsoft Retail Insights: Levelling up customer experience

What is best practice for Customer Experience in the shopfront and online? 

In the wake of the pandemic and the advent of web 3.0, the retail landscape is shifting rapidly. How can brands keep up with new digital experiences? 

Customer experience is the retail holy grail. For good reason: companies that delivery superior customer experience generate 5.7x more revenue than their less-capable competitors. But how do they achieve it? 

The wisdom of industry CX leaders who sat down with Microsoft revealed that, today, customer experience must be digital, end-to-end. 

During these recent discussions, led by Andrew Cosgrove, Global Business Insights Leader, EY, and Chehab Wahby, Partner, EY-Parthenon, three key challenges surfaced: 

  • How can retail keep up with the pace of innovation?
  • Could loyalty programs be more than just discounts?
  • Are revolutionary approaches to retail what customers want? 

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