Microsoft Retail Insights: Getting serious about sustainability.

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Microsoft Retail Insights: Getting serious about sustainability.

Getting serious about sustainability
How is the retail sector pursuing net zero? 

The great eco-awakening. The dramatic increase of online shopping during COVID coupled with rising environmental awareness is reshaping retail, leaving a big question: how are companies rising to the sustainability challenge? 

Brands that intend to stay relevant with today’s consumers quickly realised the need to get on-board with sustainability. But there is also strong business case for doing so. Sustainable products, practices and supply chains are more cost-efficient. Plus, the vast majority consumers are not only willing change their shopping habits, but will pay significantly more for sustainable products. All of which improves the bottom line, creating a win-win situation. 

Research identified three key challenges for retailers, providing a useful framework for discussions at management and board level 

  • How can we ‘super-innovate’ 
  • What can we learn from past transformations? 
  • How do we strategise for digital futures? 

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