2020 Microsoft AI for Good Schools

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2020 Microsoft AI for Good Schools

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Microsoft AI for Good Schools Challenge Webinar

In the Microsoft AI for Good Schools Challenge, Australian students from Grades 7-12 will learn the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence.

Equipped with this learning, they then embark on a design-thinking challenge to dream up a creative way that AI could be used to make a difference in the world. Students can develop an AI concept that helps make a difference for the Earth, accessibility, humanitarian action or cultural heritage.

In this 20-minute on-demand webinar learn how you can involve students in the AI for Good Challenge through a One-Day Hackathon in your classroom.

Students must submit their AI concept before 29th of May and top entries will make it through to state finals in June and if successful, then onto national finals in August.

Be part of the 2020 AI for Good Hackathon today!