EduDay- Preparing students for the changing world of work

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EduDay- Preparing students for the changing world of work

Globally, the pandemic triggered the uptake of technology in education institutions at an unprecedented speed in the rapid shift to support students to continue their learning. In many parts of Australia, we saw excellent examples of the shift to online learning and acceleration of technology-rich classrooms due to lockdowns. Some other areas remained largely unaffected and had a little requirement for remote learning.

At both ends of the spectrum, the pandemic has changed and shaped the world of work that today’s students will be moving into. Register for this webinar on-demand where you will learn about preparing students for the changing world of work. Hear from Travis Smith (Education Industry Lead - Microsoft Australia) as he brings in special guests Becky Tyler (Head of Public Sector - Linkedin, ANZ) and Karlee Scott-Murphy (Modern Workplace Senior Specialist, Microsoft). 

In this keynote session it will answer questions like: 

  • How has the world of work changed and how do we best prepare all of today’s students for this future?
  • What are the skills that students need to learn for their future careers?
  • What are the local and global lessons and best practices educators can take from those institutions that did remote and hybrid learning well?
  • What kind of careers will exist in the future? 
  • What skills will be required to thrive in a hybrid version of work?
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