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New research has uncovered a significant opportunity for Australian organisations to boost transformation and reduce risk.

Microsoft Australia commissioned a study of 505 medium to large Australian organisations, to gain insights into how they are progressing with their digital transformation journey. 

This research shows that;

  • Most Australian enterprises (69 per cent) say they have an integrated digital transformation strategy, dig a little deeper and it turns out only 28 per cent have a company-wide strategy for sharing data.
  • Almost a third (30 per cent) say that there is little to no data sharing across the organisation.
  • Despite the focus placed on customer experience innovation - over a third (37 per cent) of Australian organisations claimed between that 20-40 per cent of their projects failed.

Organisations need modern solutions to deliver brilliant experiences. They need systems that connect across the business to provide a complete view of what’s happening.

Download this report to lift the lid on the successes and failures from Australian organisations (broken out by Retail, FSI and Government).
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