Power BI Best Practices


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Power BI Best Practices

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With the proliferation of data generating at dizzying pace, business success depends on how quickly your people can find and use relevant data—whether that data lives in the confines of the business or the cloud, generated through transaction systems or Internet of Things.

Join us and learn how other organizations are thinking about business intelligence. We’ll discuss how Microsoft is providing you powerful new ways to work with data through Power BI.

Developing Dashboards using Power BI:

Power BI allows your users to easily search, discover, and access data within and outside your organization and, with just a few clicks, shape and transform data; uncover hidden insights to share and collaborate from anywhere, on any device. Come and learn from Microsoft experts who will introduce Power BI and related features, how machine learning APIs can be integrated as well as how to embed custom visualizations through a rich demo environment.

Technologies covered: Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service


  • The latest version of Power BI downloaded and installed on their respective machines. Participants could use the following link to download the appropriate 64/32 bit version : Link
  • And for the lab exercises – participants will need to download the resources available under the aka.ms/diad link.

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