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Open Source Virtual Summit;

You’re a fan of open source. You believe anything is possible. And always thinking about the next big thing, or making something better and faster.

Designed with you in mind is the free Open Source Virtual Summit by Microsoft Azure. Learn how Azure can support your open-source technologies and give you the freedom to build whatever you want, however you want and wherever you want.

  • Apps & Infrastructure: Build, deploy and take your apps to market faster with Azure Red Hat Openshift. Containerize your apps with Kubernetes platform and more.
  • Data & AI: Turn data into breakthrough insights with Azure Databricks and Postgres. Scale storage with Cosmos DB. Handle critical workloads with ease through Azure Database for MySQL and Maria DB.
  • Developer: Catch live demos on building serverless architecture with Azure. Scale your Node.js apps globally. Adopt a full DevOps lifecycle for your Python apps and more.

Take a look at the full agenda here

Meet some of our speakers


Sam Hunt, Vice President, Github

Keynote: Embracing Open Source and its Culture as an Enterprise
Catch the keynote address by Sam Hunt, as he sets the stage with an inspiring overview of the summit and what it takes to transform to an “Open Source Enterprise”.


Herns Hermida, Azure Business Lead, Microsoft Philippines

Deploying Open Source Apps on Azure
Azure supports the open source technologies millions of you already rely on. Learn how you can maximize your investments on open source with Herns.


Mandi Buswell, Associate Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat

Take your applications to market faster and easier with Azure Red Hat Openshift!
Join Mandi and Sindhu for this introductory session on how Azure and Red Hat OpenShift can transform your digital transformation or app modernization journey.


Ian Choi, Developer Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

End to End Unified Toolchain for Open Source Developers
A can’t-miss session for open source developers. Gain expert insights from Ian on how a unified toolchain can help you build and deploy apps with greater speed and agility.


Ben Sadeghi, Partner Solutions Architect, Databricks

Latest Open-Source Innovations from Databricks
Looking to get more value from your data? Look no further than this session with Ben, as he shares how Azure Databricks can help you accelerate time to insights.

The future is now wide open. And its potential is waiting to be fully realized by individuals like you.

Register now and let’s open more possibilities.

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