Microsoft recognizes 10 inspirational SMBs with 10 or fewer employees

Small businesses with fewer than 10 employees, or microbusinesses, make up 75.3 percent of all private-sector employers. These small but mighty organizations face a unique set of challenges, many of which technology can help them overcome. Microsoft is recognizing 10 standout small businesses that demonstrate what’s possible with a small staff, a big idea, and the right technology. We’ve discovered useful insights from these 10 companies that will inspire you to reach the next stage in your business growth.

The SMB 10 Under 10 eBook celebrates inspirational stories of microbusinesses from across the U.S.  Even when you start with a single employee, you can grow to be a profitable, job- and idea-generating cornerstone of the local community and U.S. economy.

Download the eBook to:

  • Find out how the honorees used technology as a catalyst for success
  • See how they’ve tackled common small business challenges
  • Learn the stories behind their success
  • Turn their learnings into actions that will help you start and grow your business

Get inspired by these 10 businesses today!